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The traditional lodge buying experience is stressful and time-consuming

Feeling frustrated in your search 
for the perfect lodge manufacturer?

We've been there, facing the same challenges while establishing our own holiday park in Lancashire. It's a journey fraught with anxiety and uncertainty.

Problems you might be facing

The journey towards constructing a new lodge is often hampered by poor communication from manufacturers, characterised by prolonged periods of silence and a notable absence of updates. This lack of engagement and transparency leaves you feeling left in the dark, exacerbating the frustration of waiting and the uncertainty regarding project timelines.

Upon arrival, the finished lodge frequently disappoints, plagued by various construction issues. This not only delays the lodge's readiness for guests or residents but also impacts your schedule and financial projections, requiring unexpected additional investment to address these shortcomings.

Following delivery, most manufacturers' aftercare support is conspicuously absent, forcing you to navigate the aftermath of construction issues on your own. This neglect extends the challenge of rectifying quality concerns, leaving you without the necessary support to ensure the lodge meets its intended standards and functions.

The YourRetreats difference. Where excellence meets innovation

01 — Luxury lodges within your budget

Fortunately, due to our unsurpassed operations and systematised processes, we ensure that you not only receive an industry-leading residential park home or holiday lodge, but that you can do so while growing your own business efficiently.

02 — Innovative design where form meets function

We pride ourselves on our wow factor, with lodges that people can share and show off online, differentiating you from the competition. This drives word of mouth, becoming a marketing machine and attracting new residents and guests on autopilot, bringing you new business on repeat.

03 — Energy efficient eco-friendly lodges to protect the planet

Our commitment to eco-friendliness goes beyond just insulation. By offering advanced solar and battery technologies on select builds, we dramatically reduce utility costs. This not only boosts your profits but also minimizes waste during construction, enhancing your park's ecological credentials. With YourRetreats, you’re not just investing in a lodge; you're investing in a sustainable future, ensuring your business thrives while respecting the environment.

04 — Streamlined construction for
faster delivery

We've revolutionised lodge construction to ensure unparalleled warmth and comfort for your guests. Moving away from traditional Rockwall insulation and timber frames, our lodges are built with innovative techniques inspired by modular housing. This approach not only significantly reduces heat loss but also lowers your energy costs. Your guests will enjoy a warm and cosy stay throughout the year, enhancing their satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits.

05 — Unmatched communication and aftercare

Investing in a lodge is a big decision, and we honor that with transparent communication. Our team is with you every step of the way, providing continuous updates throughout the construction process. And it doesn’t stop on delivery. Our post-purchase support ensures that everything operates as expected and that your lodge continues to meet your needs.

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