Our story so far...

We pride ourselves on quality, speed and communication. Below shows the process that we go through to deliver your custom luxury lodge

The Family Farm

The beginnings
of innovation

The story begins when Sam Greaves built a holiday lodge on his family farm in Rosendale, distinguished in both form and function. This stunning creation quickly garnered glowing reviews and high occupancy rates, setting the stage for something bigger.

The Formation of YourRetreats

A serendipitous

Fate intervened when Sam met fellow cofounder, Andrew Hardman. Recognising the synergy between their skills, the duo launched YourRetreats, embarking on an ambitious journey to revolutionise the holiday park business.

Building Beyond the Ordinary

The quest
for perfection

Unsatisfied with the offerings from existing manufacturers, Sam and Andrew decided to evolve Sam’s original designs. Their goal was clear: to set a new standard of excellence in lodge construction.

A Pivotal Shift

From initial success 
to outside interest

In February 2023, the tide turned. With mounting interest from fellow holiday park owners, Sam and Andrew decided to pivot towards manufacturing. Their mission? To tackle industry challenges head-on and redefine the lodge-buying experience.

First Round of Funding

Securing the future

September 2023 marked a milestone as YourRetreats secured its first round of funding. This investment was more than financial; it was a vote of confidence in our innovative manufacturing processes and a commitment to delivering superior residential park homes and holiday lodges for years to come.

A New Home for YourRetreats

Expansion and evolution

December 2023 was a time of growth and change. We moved to a new 60,000 square foot facility in Accrington, a leap forward in scaling our operations. This move represents our dedication to investing in the people and processes that will cement YourRetreats as an industry leader. Click here to learn more about our factory.

Our story has just begun...
Our Promise

We care about creating stunning spaces people will love

Cookie cutter doesn’t cut it. We want to work with people to design bespoke floor plans that are tailored to their lifestyle — allowing for rest, relaxation and entertainment.

Our luxury lodges are investments, and our customers’ happiness is vital to our success. Communication is key. We want our customers to come on the journey with us and feel completely reassured every step of the way.

And we provide aftercare that’s unrivalled in the industry — giving total peace of mind that we will be there long after they step over the threshold; being quick to respond if they ever need us.


Our luxury lodges are investments, and our customers’ happiness is vital to our success. Communication is key.

Our vision

Superior building standards and exceptional aftercare support.

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke luxury lodges thanks to our superior building standards and exceptional aftercare support. Our lodges are home to happy moments for thousands of people every year.

Our values

Our company is grounded in the core value of honesty, ensuring that every interaction and transaction is conducted with transparency, integrity, and a genuine commitment to upholding the trust placed in us by our clients and partners

YourRetreats prioritises open and effective communication, believing it to be the foundation of successful relationships, fostering a culture of clarity, responsiveness, and mutual understanding with our clients, partners, and team members

We take immense pride in our work, dedicating ourselves to delivering excellence with a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for surpassing expectations, truly embodying the ethos of craftsmanship and quality

Quality is the cornerstone of our work, permeating every aspect of our operations and offerings, ensuring that everything we do is marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence and the highest standards of service.

Our mission is to enrich people's lives, providing not just products or services, but real value that enhances their daily experiences, fosters joy, and contributes to their overall wellbeing

Get to know the different faces behind YourRetreats
Andrew Hardman

My core focus within the business is working with the team to build out a growth and excellence orientated culture as well as planning our business vision. Outside of work, family comes first and I have a love for exploring and adventure in the outdoors.

Sam Greaves

My core focus in YourRetreats is managing and scaling our factory operations as well as being the visionary for our lodge developments. I love to explore new technology and trends to ensure we deliver the wow in each lodge.

Iain Black
Sales Manager

My main focus at YourRetreats is to aid you in developing an outstanding park with lodges that wow your new and existing customers. Outside of work, I'm a family man and love spending time with my son. I'm also a keen gym goer and love to travel.

Joel Key
Head of Marketing

My focus at YourRetreats is on sharing our story and connecting with our amazing community. Outside of work, I'm happiest being outdoors, whether that's running, cycling, or walking in the woods. I also enjoy reading, always looking for a good book to dive into!

Andrew Deeley

I work closely with Sam and the factory team to look at lean manufacturing techniques to help us deliver on the demand we are seeing for the YourRetreats Lodges. As an advisor linked I work closely with the YourRetreats board to deliver on the vision and plans set by the team.

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